10th grade Girls (2021)

We have started to form our Spring and Summer 2019 team!

We are looking for current and new ambitious players to earn a spot on this competitive team. 

**Our goal is to help our players reach their next level - which ultimately hopefully means to play in college. We are looking to teach valuable life lessons and have a lot of fun along the way!

***We will hold a workout/interest meeting Sunday December 16th 6:45-8:00pm at Huntersville Elementary School. No contact. Click register now to join. It's free.

*** Spring-Summer 2019 tryouts will be held January 12-13th if we still have spots open. 

Saturday January 12th 4:30-6:00pm at Mountain Island Fitness and/or

Sunday January 13th 6:45-8:00pm at Huntersville Elementary. 


  • 10th grade 2018-2019
  • Born on or after September 1st 2002 (actually September 1st 2001 if still in 10th grade)
  • Please email info@charlottedreamelite.com if you have any questions.
  • Head coach is George Holm. Professional basketball coach/trainer for many years.  
  • Assistant coach is Brianna Jones. Young former college player. Great role model. 

THE SPRING/SUMMER 2019 SEASON will go from late February through end of July. The team will practice at least 2 times per week. We will play in showcase events such as Deep South and Battle of the Boro, see more details below. The players will also be offered more opportunities for skill development and camps.  

2019 tournament schedule (might be slightly adjusted later on):

March 16-17th tba within an hour

March 30-31st tba within an hour

April 13-14th tba within an hour

April 25-28th Deep South, Raleigh Showcase - College recruiting window 

May 17-19th ASGR Carolinas Tip Off, Charlotte, Showcase - College recruiting window 

June 1-2nd tba within an hour

 *The month of June will mostly be left open for school team events and college camps.  

July 5-8th Run for the Roses, Louisville, KY Showcase - College recruiting window 

July 8-9th Apache Paschall, Louisville, KY Showcase - College recruiting window 

July 10-13th Battle of the Boro, Louisville, KY Showcase - College recruiting window 

July 20-22nd ASGR The Big Event, Atlanta, GA Showcase - College recruiting window 

July 24-25th LBI Carolina Live, Charlotte Showcase - College recruiting window 

**Everything will be very well organized and we are looking for continuity both from players and our experienced coaches.   

Season schedule CDE 2021 (2018)

2021 Season Plan Charlotte Dream Elite Spring-Summer 2018 (pdf)


Please only use the register now button if on a team or coming to tryout.