Player development basketball skills


The importance of running good practices.


What's stopping your team from reaching their potential?

​Poor Practice Structure - Too much time is spent on strategy like practicing set plays and drilling five different defensive schemes, instead of focusing on what will really improve your team's in-game performance.

Wasting Valuable Practice Time - I witness coaches running inefficient practices multiple times per week (long warmup -> shooting drill -> drink break -> set plays -> long cool down).

Wrong Drills For Your Team - All basketball drills need to suit the skill level of the team you're coaching and translate to in-game player improvement. Also, new drills need to be used often to keep practice fresh and challenging for the players.

Outdated Coaching Knowledge - Basketball is an extremely complex game. There’s always new things to learn and updated developments to keep track of.

​No Player Workouts - If you want your players to continue to improve outside of team practices, you must assist them by sharing workouts and information. Providing them with skill-focused and fun workouts to use in their own time will make a dramatic difference in improving their game.


​So, What Will Improve Your Team?

​Along with figuring out what mistakes coaches were making, I also figured out what DOES work...

Basketball Coaching Truth - Creating and Running Effective Practices is the Most Important Part of Coaching Basketball

Most coaches out there think they make their biggest impact during the game, but it’s just not true.

In fact - it couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth!

The biggest opportunity you have as a coach to make an impact and help your players is during PRACTICE.

​And there are very few coaches out there who give practice as much focus and attention as they do to games...

Source: Coach Mac, Basketball for Coaches and I (coach George Holm) totally agree. 

**We take pride in running efficient, purposeful and fun practices. **